Do you want to MASSIVELY INCREASE your company PROFITS, build a legacy and increase your shareholders value WITHOUT WORKING OVERTIME?

Consulting Ronawati

I understand the stress and worry that comes with the responsibility of creating profits while also paying down debt, because I've been in the middle of it before.

I know how leadership teams are cutting expenses, reducing the workforce, cutting capital budgets to try and eliminate their debt & increase shareholders value.... but still no closer to significantly increasing their profits.

You have the work ethic, you have the passion and you have the desire to take the company to a whole new level of operations... but you are missing the profits & growth.

You keep borrowing money from banks & never seem to be able to pay it back because of your ever increasing working capital (even though you are continuously making sales)...

You've tried every cost saving & cost cutting measure but still it does not move the needle and frantically working to try and think of something else to do before you burn out.


  • You could become the industry leader & feel in complete control of your business while you can sleep well without stress.
  • Your company could run itself, freeing you to spend more time with your family, while it continues to turn a profit month after month?  
  • You could pay off your debt while also saving you HOURS of work each day so that you could work on revenue generating activities.
  • Your stock price kept increasing & other companies were calling you to ask you how you increased your profits so quickly.
  • You could attract high caliber employees because you are the leader in your industry.
  • You could make enough money so that you could give your employees raises and bonuses
  • You could be approached by competitors asking you to collaborate because they are interested in your business model.
Coach Rona

Discover how the HRS Systems has helped businesses like yours increase their profits massively:

Riko Handoko

Rona showed leadership during her time at Samko Timber. She helped the transformation of the company especially by putting in place strong internal control process. She was never afraid to challenge the status quo and to make sure that the company was moving to the right direction.

Riko S. Handoko

CEO Samko Timber Ltd.

Irvan Zulfikar

Even though the company was in financial distress position, she managed to lead it in better shape, she made improvements in term of business processes, SOPs and Policies. She led a cost saving program in the company in 2015 which improved EBITDA by USD29 million in 2016 in 1 year, resulting in positive EBITDA in 2016.

Irvan Zulfikar

Group Head Finance Accounting Maxpoower Group

Harold Tjiptadjaja

Rona is a very well-skilled CFO with very profound knowledge and expertise in accounting and financing. She is a right sparring partner for CEO, who can give a true perspective for issues faced by the company.

Harold Tjiptadjaja

Chief Investment Officer of Indonesia Infrastructure Finance

For a limited time we offer FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY CALL to find out if your company is a good candidate to implement a PROVEN SYSTEMS which I have used to MASSIVELY INCREASE PROFITS by USD30 million in 1 year!

The system I implement is designed to MASSIVELY Increase Your Company PROFITS AND GROWING

How Exactly Does The HRS Systems Work ?

Step 1: Taking A Helicopter Overview (H)

Starting with a helicopter overview of the company and its operations is critical; yet, most companies skip over it.  And the ones who do manage to start with a strategy tend to unknowingly overcomplicate it or they create a flawed strategy that doesn't move the needle.

Step 2: Determining the Root Cause Problems (R)

"How much did we make this month?" ... this is what most people ask, and it's not the ONLY question they should be focusing on. The better questions you should be asking are "Where are the internal money leaks + cost inefficiencies and how are they being handled?  How much capital does it put back in our pockets?"

Step 3: Solutions (S) – Optimizing Your Company Profits

After helping dozens of USD 9-figure businesses for 30 years and working with some of the biggest producers and manufacturers in Indonesia, I can tell you that this where you make money.  In fact, this stage is the difference between putting a "band-aid" on the problem (and hoping something changes)  or actually implementing a proven solution that creates USD millions in profits.

This Is Only For You If You Are:

  • A CEO or Business Owner whose company is growing quickly & taking on more debt.
  • Making more than $30 million p.a. in revenue & want to become an industry leader.
  • Working too much, stressed out & haven't slept well in a long time.
  • You want to optimize your company's performance and increase profits.
  • You want your business process more organized so that you can spend more time with family and friends.
  • You need to reduce your stress and sleep better because it starts causing you health problem.

After Implementing The HRS Systems You Will:

  • Increase profits so you can quickly pay off your debt.
  • Increase cost savings to yield a better ROI on your investments.
  • Internal controls that give you full visibility on your business so you can sleep well at night & spend time with your family.
  • Streamlined processes to build a business with massive legacy & impact.

So if you are the type who wants to run a profitable business without working tirelessly with no results, then this system may be for you.

For a limited time we offer FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY CALL to find out if your company is a good candidate to implement a PROVEN SYSTEMS which I have used to MASSIVELY INCREASE PROFITS by USD30 million in 1 year!

Discover how the HRS Systems has helped businesses like yours increase their profits massively:

Rona is a seasoned CFO who came with a lot of senior experiences from different industries. While at Samko, she was part of the senior team tasked with turning around the company and within relatively short period of time, the finance team contributed to the improvement of the bottom-line through her leadership in driving changes in internal policies, improvements in control processes and cost saving efficiencies. Personally a very smart professional

Amelia Tjendra

Head of HR Sampoerna Group

Sukrisno Njoto

Ronawati is a problem solver and resourceful person. She always looks for ways to create values in the company she works for and contributes optimally. During her tenure with Sinarmas Agribusiness, she always tries to find ways to save costs and increase efficiencies, including restructuring her department to generate a better internal control and process; all of these lead to an increase bottom-line.

Sukrisno Njoto

MD Golden Agri-Resources Ltd.

Meet Your Consultant

Coach Ronawati

I am Ronawati Wongso, CEO and founder of Rantai Breakthrough Consulting (RBC), helping CEOs and Business Owners increase their profits massively, build a legacy and increase shareholders value by working smarter, not harder.  

When I first started working in corporate I was placed in a team to help the company getting more and more loan although business is good.  I learned many valuable experiences and what wasn’t effective.  I also was able to gain inside experience as to what was worth working on as well – which began my path of optimizing company processes, increasing profits & reducing company losses.

Using my 30 years of experience in banking and CFO in multiple industries, I created the HRS systems to help CEOs and Business Owners to increase profits, create a legacy and increase shareholders value while working less.

After being tasked by multiple CEOs to increase their profits and create a financially thriving business even though they were drowning in debt, I was able to achieve the impossible in short spans of time.

With my unique skill set and methodology, I have helped many USD 9 figure companies and now offer my consulting services to other companies in order to achieve the same results.

For a limited time we offer FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY CALL to find out if your company is a good candidate to implement a PROVEN SYSTEM which I have used to MASSIVELY INCREASE PROFITS by USD30 million in 1 year!


3 Steps To Improve Profits By Working Smarter, Not Harder

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