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About Ronawati

Hi, I am Rona,

and here is my story

When I first started working in corporate I was placed in a team to help the company getting more and more loan although business is good.  I learned many valuable experiences and what wasn’t effective.  I also was able to gain inside experience as to what was worth working on as well – which began my path of optimizing company processes, increasing profits & reducing company losses.

Now, after working in the corporate world for over 30 years with the last 20 years as CFO, I have helped many USD 9 figure companies grow, increase their profits and streamline their business so that they become industry leaders.  I have helped many companies during my corporate career and being a consultant I can help even more companies.

My passion to help companies turnaround their financial state is even stronger because I see consulting firms charging millions of dollars for their work and yield very little results.  I believe companies should be able to create profits without spending millions of dollars on consultants that don’t even have the experience to make it work.

Using my unique skill sets & many years of experience, I developed a systems that helps companies increase profits and turnaround companies from cash eating monster to profit producing moguls.  I place a tremendous value on helping companies find where their money is getting "lost" so they can increase their profits and reduce the amount of debt they are taking on.  I combine my unique experiences working as a CFO, in the banking industry & my CFA certification to create incredible profits for my clients.

The reason I am able to help companies increase their profits at such a tremendous rate because of the HRS Systems that I founded and created.  Here are just a few of the companies that I have created massive changes for:

  • I helped group of companies survive the financial crisis of 1998 with none of the companies went to BPPN (Government ICU unit).
  • I increased the income of a $200 Mil private company by 3,000% while working directly with the CEO.
  • In the energy industry, I created a $6.5 Mil profit when they were previously losing $22.5 Mil over the course of 1 year.
  • I took a company that was losing $28 Mil a year turned the company around to having a profit of $1.5 Mil within one year.

My Mission

My mission is to help you create a company that is an industry leader, extremely profitable and positioned for growth, without spending millions on consultants that don't achieve results.  This allows you to be the incredible CEO that you are, while building a legacy and give you the freedom to spend more time with your family and friends.

You Have What It Takes To Go Big

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