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Helping CEOs and Business Owners MASSIVELY INCREASE their company profits, build a legacy and increase shareholders value without working overtime, stress & frustration.

Do You Struggle Increasing Your Company Profits to Turnaround Your Company?

  • Struggling to increase your profits?
  • Capital budgets cut with no improvement?
  • Workforce reduced & now struggling to maintain profitability?
  • Going further & further into debt each year?
  • Struggling to pay back your loans & fear bankruptcy?
  • Waking up stressed & frantic each day?
  • Working 14+ hour days & about to burn out?

How Do I Help Business Owners Increase Their Profits?

The HRS Systems which I developed and created from my 20 years experience as CFO in various industries.

Helicopter Overview (H)

Starting with a helicopter overview of the company and its operations is critical; yet, most companies skip over it. 

Determining The Root Cause Problems (R)

To ensure we have the right root cause problems so that we can provide the right solutions that yield massive savings year after year and increase profits massively.

Solutions (S) – Optimizing your company profits

To allow you to Implement Proven Systems That Is SO EFFICIENT that the company as a whole becomes healthier and improvements on individual items will follow on its own.

For a limited time we offer FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY CALL to find out if your company is a good candidate to implement a PROVEN SYSTEM which I have used to MASSIVELY INCREASE PROFITS by USD30 million in 1 year!

Discover how the HRS Systems has helped businesses like yours increase their profits massively and turnaround:

Irvan Zulfikar

She led cost saving program in the company in 2015 which improved EBITDA by USD 29 mio of the company in 2016 in 1 year, resulting in positive EBITDA in 2016.

Irvan Zulfikar

Head of FA, Maxpower Group

Rudiyanto Tan

Bu Ronawati went beyond her role as CFO, she looked into company not just at finance, accounting and tax but took a view of the company holistically. She believes that Finance is the end result. If the beginning is not right, the end result will not be right. She took speedy action to alleviate the company from distressed financial condition.

Rudiyanto Tan

Commercial Director, Sampoerna Kayoe

Fredson Kotamena

Ronawati goal is to protect shareholder's interest. In doing so, she easily develops and creates more system in terms of Finance, Accounting and Tax.

Fredson Kotamena

Corporate HR Director, Sampoerna Kayoe


3 Steps To Improve Profits By Working Smarter, Not Harder

Watch my FREE Video Training on what 3 Main Features you MUST Master before you can START MASSIVELY increase your company’s profits.

Meet Your Consultant

Coach Ronawati

I am Ronawati Wongso, CEO and founder of Rantai Breakthrough Consulting (RBC), helping CEOs and Business Owners increase their profits massively, build legacy and increase shareholders value by working smarter, not harder.  

When I first started working in corporate I was placed in a team to help the company getting more and more loan although business is good.  I learned many valuable experiences and what wasn’t effective.  I also was able to gain inside experience as to what was worth working on as well – which began my path of optimizing company processes, increasing profits & reducing company losses.

Using my 30 years of experience in banking and CFO in multiple industries, I created the HRS systems to help CEOs and Business Owners to increase profits, create a legacy and increase shareholders value while working less.

After being tasked by multiple CEOs to increase their profits and create a financially thriving business even though they were drowning in debt, I was able to achieve the impossible in short spans of time.

With my unique skill set and methodology, I have helped many USD 9 figure companies and now offer my consulting services to other companies in order to achieve the same results.