Company Makeover
for Massive Profits

by Ronawati Wongso





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Why This Book Is Critical To Your Company to Reach Peak Financial Performance?

Many companies have been around for a long time. Some have outperformed others. Why? What is the difference between those companies that are doing well and those that are not? Leadership and strategy certainly play a role, but what is equally important is the system and infrastructure of the company. The right system impacts all stakeholders -- shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, etc. The right system can help a company reach its optimal financial performance.

This book will help C-suite executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs optimize their company profits, turn around flagging companies, build a legacy, and increase shareholder value, all without making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated. This system will help you improve your company profits MASSIVELY.

This book will guide you on how to diagnose your company by finding the root cause of the problems, not just on the surface, but deep within it. It will also provide you with a cure by giving solutions to these problems. Finding the right root cause problems will help you implement the right solution.


A contemporary reference to good managerial code of conduct in business enterprises; it will provoke awareness in how we adapt to the current business challenges.

Ignasius Jonan

Member of Indonesian Cabinet (2014-2019)

About The Author

RONAWATI WONGSO is CEO and founder of Rantai Breakthrough Consulting, a business consultant specializing in profit optimization and company turnaround. She has thirty years of business experience as a leader and consultant and twenty years as CFO in various industries. She helps increase company profits massively, optimize profits and turnaround companies.

Rona leads to change and transforms businesses by understanding the business, finding the root cause problems, and implementing the right solutions. Rona received her Bachelor of Science in business administration, cum laude, from The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas, Austin. She lives in Indonesia.


Very detailed and useful book!

The result of Ronawati Wongso's learning, practical experience, and reflection of 30 years in business is impressive!

PROFIT is not only by increasing sales, but there are 7 important areas for PROFIT.

Buy, read, reflect, and act based on the contents of this Book. Important!

Tung Desem Waringin.

Author of MURI record bestseller books Financial Revolution, Marketing Revolution, Life Revolution, and Work Less Earn More.

Hermanto Tanoko


I am glad to see her sharing her experience in increasing profits massively in a very concise, easy to understand, and practical book so people can learn.

Rona has developed an HRS system that helps improve company performance with the best solution in a shot time so that the company is profitable.

Take action and get benefit from it. 

Every financial expert always says “Cash Is King”.

I would add that Rona is the Queen!

No matter how much money you and your company have, it is all about how you can manage it. The HRS approach that Rona describes in this book gives a simple, yet powerful tool, how to identify and to manage issues, and obviously cash, in your company.


Step back from the issues (what is called in this book – Helicopter view), analyze the real Root causes, will certainly give you the best Solutions, that are urgently required by your company.

Given her long experience as C-level, especially as CFO, Rona has managed to tackle complex issues into practicable steps that every stakeholder in the company can understand!

Hope you enjoy the book, just like I did!

Harold J.D. Tjiptadjaja

Managing Director

Investment Banking  

Mandiri Sekuritas

Matt Houston


Ronawati Wongso's 30 years of business insights of the inner workings of successful, profitable, and efficient companies shows CEOs and managers clearly how they can build, correct, or sustain their own successful company. 

She created a system called HRS which helps you to uncover the root causes of your company’s problems and quickly resolve them. Read and apply the strategies in this book and discover a new and effective way to increase your company’s performance.


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 Company Makeover for Massive Profits 

by Ronawati Wongso

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